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Mother-daughter writing team, Kathy and Scout Barrilleaux joined Stuart White to write a warm, witty and joyous story about two people brought together by the oddest of circumstance.

Early thirties Jewish bachelor Isaac Goldstein, who makes his living signing for the deaf, meets Holly Shaughnessey, a late 20's physical therapist, whose brother is a Catholic priest.

Isaac is the despair of his parents because he can't or won't settle down with a girl, AND he denies the existence of God. 

Holly has other 'issues' that Isaac's not aware of. She's mourning the death of a lost love at whose bedside she carried out a long and loving vigil.

When the two meet it is - well, something-at-first-sight. But there's a problem. And it's not their different religions.  Holly won't touch him. She won't let him touch her even to shake hands or help her with her coat. Yet they start a strange, albeit untouching, courtship which eventually leaves Isaac at his wits' end.
Holly will touch, hug and kiss everyone EXCEPT HIM.

How can he make this woman who admits that she LOVES him - actually TOUCH him? Why won't she, and how can he bridge the gap? Meanwhile Holly fails to understand his lack of faith in God - ANY God.

It takes a family tragedy and the very nature of its impact, and what it means in terms of faith and love, to finally make Isaac take a leap of faith INTO faith, and for Holly to put an end to unwittingly sitting shiva for her dead love.
And touch Isaac.

It's about not just crossing the gap between faiths, but the gap between believing in the redemptive power of love and belief. It's funny, it's warm, it's sad - and yes, it's a touching story.

Score by John Paesano

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