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Aegis Faith Films

Mission Statement

Aegis Film and Television Group was created to bring quality film and television content to the mainstream viewing audience. Our philosophy is no different in regard to our opening the Aegis Faith Films division of our company. 


There is a vast audience worldwide who have a strong desire for Christian and faith-based content and we believe that we can bring our talent for acquiring and developing exceptional projects to these viewers as well.

We are filmmakers who do not shy away from faith-based themes and material.  In fact we welcome the opportunity to welcome a whole new audience into the fold with thrilling, compassionate, compelling and moving stories of faith.

We will bring the same attention to detail in terms of script, cast and production values to these projects as we would our more mainstream fare.  We feel our Christian audience deserves this and we are thrilled to be able to provide this content.

American families have historically wanted to be able to spend time with their family and enjoy movies in the Theater or at home without concern about the content they or their children will see.


Our goal at Aegis Faith Films is to bring quality as well as integrity to filmed entertainment.

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