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Submissions Policy

We are always on the lookout for new talent and have a dedicated development department. However, due to the large quantity of scripts submitted to us, please read and adhere to the following carefully.

We request that you first send a synopsis or treatment outlining the basis of the script, plus a ten page extract of the script (if available).

Please put your contact details, including your email address on the front page of the treatment or script and send it together with a covering letter if you are sending by post. All scripts must be registered with the Writers Guild of America ( and the WGA registration number shown on the cover page.

If you enclose an email address we will send an email acknowledging receipt of your work.

All work is read in the order in which it arrives, so please do not contact us to see if we've read it - we will get back to you.

NOTE - we have a full slate until well into 2011 and will not accept new submissions until that time.

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Now for the legal stuff that our lawyer made us say...

You should be aware that Aegis Faith Films (AFF) may be working on similar ideas, proposals and projects independent of your submission and that they have no obligation to you with respect to the use of such similar ideas and/or projects. In consideration of AFF agreeing to review and perhaps discuss the submitted material, you agree that you shall not be entiled to instigate or attempt any claims against them with respect to the use by Aegis Faith Films of such similar ideas and/or projects.

By submitting this form you agree to hold Aegis Faith Films harmless from any such claims. We will in return make reasonable endeavours to protect the confidentiality of the material submitted.

Synopsis: (No more than 1,000 words)


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