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Aegis Faith Films, as with our parent company Aegis Film Group, formed with the idea and vision to acquire, develop and produce the highest quality film and television programming that we could.

We have remained steadfast in our determination to achieve that goal and it is something that has given us daily tremendous satisfaction and personal strength.

Another part of our original mission statement was to make a difference in the world - not only through the light that we shine on dark areas of society through our outstanding documentary work, and not through our exceptional storylines, scripts, casts and crews that we assemble and bring together – but now also in our work for those less fortunate and in need.

As with our desire to acquire, develop and produce the highest quality films we also have the same deep desire to replicate that winning strategy with many of the most needy and vulnerable amongst us – teenage girls.

As a female-owned and operated group of businesses, Aegis Film Group, Aegis Faith Films - and divisions such as our Television, Documentary, Animation, Publishing and ultimately Sales and Distribution - we are seeking to reach out to these young women who may be at risk and give them an opportunity to be mentored and, hopefully, change their lives in the process.

We will choose two girls from a disadvantaged neighborhood (our inner cities) or area of the country (Appalachia) to come to Hollywood and join our Mentoring Program for three weeks each summer.  They will work closely with our production partners and staff and witness not only how to run a business – but how to be successful at doing it.  Our motto is “The Sky’s the Limit” and we hope to pass this idea along to our young women.


While in Los Angeles they will be chaperoned by our staff and share an apartment near major Hollywood Studios.  They will be able to attend production meetings, be on-set for filming of either film or TV, meet with an array of successful female directors, writers, producers, actors and others in the business who will show them not only that they can do it, but inspire them to go out and DO IT themselves. 

We will teach them how to read scripts, how to develop projects and bring them to the point of pre-production through to production and give them an overall sense that they, too, can achieve and accomplish whatever they want in life.  Whether it be in the entertainment industry or another field of endeavor, we hope to touch a part of their spirit that may have been lost – or perhaps never found to begin with.

Let's hear it for the girls.



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